Sleep Medicine Services

At Anesthesia and Sleep Medicine Services of Florida, our goal is to perform an accurate and comprehensive assessment of your sleep disorder. We pledge, to clearly explain your diagnosis and treatment in order to foster a team approach between the patient and physician. We believe that an informed and educated patient is much better equipped to successfully manage their treatment options. When you arrive at our clinic, your initial appointment will involve a review of your medical history along with a focused sleep evaluation. In many sleep disorders, we incorporate objective data to support a diagnosis. Some of the tests that help us arrive at your diagnosis may include: polysomnography, home sleep apnea testing, actigraphy, nocturnal pulse oximetry or laboratory blood work. Patient satisfaction is always our priority. Sleep disorders often require a degree of investigate work, so we take the time necessary to assure every patient is properly taken care of.

We provide a full spectrum of diagnostic services and treatments including: both in-lab and home sleep studies, positive air way pressure (PAP) titration studies, CPAP treatment follow up with cloud-based downloaded efficacy reporting. We treat sleep disorders in both adults and children involving symptoms related to: Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders (snoring), Sleeping too much (Hypersomnia), Insomnia, Parasomnias, Sleep Hygiene, Circadian Rhythm Sleep-Wake Disorders, REM Sleep Behavioral Disorder and Sleep-Related Movements Disorders. We also provide telemedicine services which allows us to your follow up with you and your treatment in your own home. In addition, we can remotely access and adjust the settings on newer cloud-based CPAP and Bi-PAP machines.

Sleep Studies and Treatments

During your visit at our AASM accredited sleep facility, you may be referred for a home sleep apnea test or an overnight sleep study. A qualified sleep medicine specialist will determine which test is appropriate depending on your symptoms, clinical history and insurance guidelines. For the treatment of uncomplicated mild sleep apnea, an oral appliance may be a good option for patients unable to tolerate CPAP therapy. We can provide you with a referral to a board-certified dentist, qualified in designing an appliance to treat your sleep apnea.

Various Sleep studies we perform at our
sleep center:

  • Diagnostic polysomnography
  • MSLT / MWT
  • Auto PAP compliance an efficacy follow-up reporting
  • CPAP / BIPAP titration study
  • ASV titration